Best Campground/RV Park Lighting

Arcadia, FL

In 1998 Allen Wickey co-owner of Craig’s RV Resort in Arcadia, Florida needed to illuminate the entrance sign (20’ x 14’), so he chose Magnaray’s W2PL50, 106 watt 4’ luminaire to light the beautiful multi-colored signage.


Area Model Number Replaced Watts Energy Savings
 Entrance Sign W2PL50 400 – 500 watts 80%
 Event Parking W2PY5048 2 – 4 watts 80%
 Street Lighting W1PL18 70 watts HPS 80%
 Shuffle Board W2PL50 w/ PT40 pole bkt 400 – 500 watts 80%

The #W2PL50 (fluorescent) or #WLED96 (LED) does a remarkable job to bring out the natural beauty and colors of the sign. Lamps were replaced in one unit after nearly 50,000 hours of use. Lamps in the other unit have not been replaced after 74,000 hours of use (2015).

Total area of illumination is 20’ wide by 14’ high. The even illumination makes it appear to be an internally illuminated sign which can be seen nearly a mile away at night. The units replace 500 watt quartz, 250 – 400 watt metal halide lamps (which require a warm-up time).

Next project was the ~4 acre, Blue Grass event parking area. The factory suggested the use of the #W2PY5048 “back to back” pole top array whichonly consumes 212 total watts and uses the same luminaires as the sign, which means using the same ballast and lamps. Units are instant-on so are turned on and off as needed.

Allen’s wife and co owner, Vicky noticed they had not changed lamps in the Magnaray units in years, but were changing out their own street light lamps too frequently, so asked Allen to check with the factory to see what they could offer.

They replaced 70 watt high pressure sodium units with a 20 watt, W1PL18 (fluorescent) units or could have been replaced with the WLED20. Since they had such great service from the fluorescent technology, they decided to stay with it until all LED products finally mature around 2020.


Campers like the soft, broad distribution “white” light produced, while the owners enjoy an 80% savings in energy cost, and Allen saves lots of time not having to change lamps so often!

Shuffleboard court lighting saves almost 80% in energy cost, turns on instantly and provides extremely good, uniform, high color rendering results.

The 8 courts are illuminated with just 4-W2PL50 (remember that model number?)

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